Pedal your way through Ponce

Tony's Bike Rental offers top bike rental services in Ponce, Puerto Rico to an international clientele. We want to share with you the sights of Ponce that are worth seeing but at your own pace - stop whenever & wherever you want!


We offer rental services for high-quality bikes and equipment as well as guided or independent (self) tours at competitive rates.





Reasons to Visit Ponce



8 Reasons to Rent a Bike to Sighsee Ponce

• Enjoy the independence a bicycle gives

• Enjoy the absence of hills (except for El Vigia Area

• Enjoy the historical streets and open roads

• Enjoy nature and the outdoors first-han

• Enjoy a leisure workout

• Go at your pace - stop when & where you want!

Make It Happen!

Is Today the perfect day to bike Ponce? Every Day is!




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